Rand O'Leary | Healthcare CEO

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Ben Reigle, Founder, RCM Leaders Forum 

"Rand is a phenomenal leader of people and complex operations. His ability to build strong physician relationships has been the key to his track record of success in the healthcare space. I've worked with him and for him over the years and have found that he is objective in his reasoning and always puts the company first. Anyone looking to build a successful operation in a complex business would find an incredible leader in Rand." (Worked with Rand O'Leary.)

Thomas Wuest, Chief Medical Officer, Oregon Market-Centene: Trillium Community Health Plan and Healthnet of Oregon

"Community-focused, collaborative leader with broad engagement of all participants. Thoroughly enjoyed my interaction w/ Rand over a number of years of interaction." (Worked with Rand O'Leary at PeaceHealth, Eugene Oregon)

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Melissa Jackson, Director Quality and Performance Excellence, Henry Ford Health System

"Rand is an amazing colleague. He is a natural leader who truly cares about the people he works with. His passion for the mission of healthcare is evident in every aspect of his work, from both a quality and a service excellence perspective. I have enjoyed having Rand as both a colleague and friend over the past 12 years. He is truly an asset to any team!" (Reported to Rand O'Leary at Henry Ford Health System)

Melissa Edwards, Medical Director at Women's Care, Medical and Surgical Specialists

"I had the good fortune to work closely with Rand during his time as CEO of PeaceHealth, Oregon Network. During that time, I served with him as surgeon, board member of the Sacred Heart Hospital Community Board, and president of a multi specialty group of independent specialists. No matter the nature of our interactions, I've always found Rand to be fair, professional, and compassionate. He is a soft-spoken, thoughtful leader who takes time to understand the needs of those he is working alongside as well as those he is negotiating with. He is known for his willingness to collaborate with a diverse group of stakeholders in order to provide the greatest benefit to the community he serves. He is a man of high moral character, driven by commitment to the mission of the organization that he leads, easily gaining the respect of every member of the care team. While fully aware of the significant pressures facing every healthcare system today, he never seemed to approach the work with any degree of frustration or cynicism. He demonstrated strong leadership in areas that are deeply important to me - Women's and Children's services, minimally invasive surgery, care of the under-served, and many others - and he left an indelible mark on our community through his philanthropy and community wellness efforts." (Board Member of PeaceHealth, Eugene Oregon)

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Amy Fine, Chief Financial Officer, Southern Coos Hospital and Health Center 

"I was lucky to work with Rand when he was the Chief Executive Officer at PeaceHealth, Oregon Region and I was the CEO for Northwest Surgical Specialists. He is intelligent, honest, pleasant, fair in negotiations and easily accessible. He definitely rises to the top of my list of people who are great to work with." (Worked with Rand O'Leary at PeaceHealth, Eugene Oregon)

Margaret A. Hamilton, President, Lane Community College, Eugene Oregon

"Every once in a while, you come across an executive who you admire and respect enough to want to share a genuine recommendation. Rand is one of those professionals who meets my highest expectation on all counts- integrity, smarts, people skills, superior knowledge of health care administration and one of the hardest working people I have ever met. More significant these days is his caring nature about the people he works with as well as the institution and community he serves. I served as a board member for a hospital system in the Pacific Northwest that Rand led and I was proud to be affiliated with him and the hospital system. I would welcome a conversation with anyone considering hiring a forward thinking, highly talented, highly skilled, caring hospital CEO and is considering Rand. He will be an asset to any organization with the vision to hire him." (Worked with Rand O'Leary when he served as Executive Officer at PeaceHealth, Eugene Oregon)

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